Thursday, 24 September 2015


I've been feeling really sick, and even more sorry for myself lately. But also fiercely determined to make some big changes in my life- as illness has become far too regular a visiter. ENOUGH! So, I'm seriously looking at parring back on the amount of times I am leaving the house. This is really freakin hard, as some of the things I will be cutting back on are amazing, soul-feeding things! But, my body (and my mental state!) is yelling at me that we need to stop rushing in and out the door. I am also painfully aware of how this has been affecting my connection w my beautiful boy... And that is hurting both of us. Slow down Mama.

Another thing I'm seriously looking into... quitting the crack (aka sugar!) Yurp. Me and that sugar have had a relationship that rivals even the most tumultuous love affairs of my time- and sugar and I have been together FOREVER! I have been working on cutting out refined sugar, and cutting back even on the healthier alternatives (relatively simple when I don't have an oven to bake in ;-).) but I'm thinking about taking that giant I Quit Sugar leap. Still mulling it over, and doing a little research. Lots of what Sarah has to say is stuff I am already familiar with, and makes perfect sense to me, but I've never been one to 'pick all my apples from one tree', if you get my meaning... and some (although relatively small...) parts of Sarah's ideals and theories don't quite have me on board. So we'll see :-). But I'm more ready for it now than ever! The one plus side of negative experiences (like massive amounts of illness..) is how it motivates us to change :-). 

That gorgeous little guy is with his dad today, and I am home. Instead of the usual 'Quick! What needs doing most urgently!' thought pattern I usually take when I am home alone, I am just. taking. it. slowly. I need to mend.
So I sat on our wee porch this morn, eating breky, and was observing the collection of plants we have. Each has a wee story... A little piece of our own personal history :-).*

This tray of thyme I have had since my boy was a babe. It has struggled along, and only really come into itself within the last year... interestingly :-).*

Mint. Coriander. Compost. Mmm... ;-). The mint is a supermarket one (like the coriander next to it) that I just bunged in some crappy soil, and occasionally watered. Nature's determination to survive never ceases to amaze me!*

Peppermint brought home from kindy by the darling boy; Jalapenos STILL going (bought as seedlings from my friends seedling business)*

Spearmint, given to me back when I was even less of a gardner than I am now (which is still rather sparingly...)
My friend Alisha may be suprised to discover I have kept it alive all this time :-). It has been in and out of several gardens over the last few years 5 years. The blue pot next to it is a native fuschia, which was germinated by a man I used to see, after we collected the seeds while we were out tramping together. It is the last of several, and I'm really glad to see it thriving*

Lavender, also in and out of several gardens since my boy came along :-).
And the pinapple sage from a cutting my dear friend Nicole gave me- also in crappy soil...
(Hmm... must work on soil...)*

Hard to tell in this photo, but our doormat is covered in silver glitter. The small guy is ALL about the glitter at the mo! :-D.*

And a recent photo, of the teeny-weeny outdoor (flat and covered over) playspace we have... It's tricky, and considering it is also the front door step, requires much negotiating and practising of patience ;-).*

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