Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A few of my favorite things...*

Go on- sing it, I dare ya! ;-).
Whew! I needed to make a wee post about stuff I love. Life has been flipping out onto the rough side a bit lately. Not super hard- just a bit rough. My beautiful boy has been sick for several days, so we've been housebound, and that, plus the weather (pluuus the fact I'm a super-solo-Mama..!) has made getting out for a walk, or any fresh air/cobweb blowing impossible! I am desperate for some walking- even in the wind! I've been grouchy. Shitty-sweary-grumpy-bitchy-grouchy. Not the Mama I want to be, or the Mama I know I actually am (Oh, see what I did there! :-).) It's been dvds, youtube on my phone (erk!), endless uno (actually awesome!), and other sanity-scrabbling/saving attempts. And plenty of opportunities to practise patience. And plenty of opportunities to try again.
SO, here are some thing I love- things that make me smile, glimpses into my home. Sunny spots, art I love (made by people I love), and some exciting news... Read on loved ones :-).

Sunny spot plus yumness = bliss! Really enjoying these books by Eleanor Ozich at the mo, and managing to sneak in the odd page of that awesome Yin Yoga book too.... (sigh!)*

I absolutely ADORE this print, 'Meow', by my super talented friend Bec White.*

Just. One. Day. At. A. Time. Made that one for me :-). And the cloud castle (as I refer to it...), beautiful mahi by my lovely friend Kirsty Porter*

One of my super precious pieces by my dear boy. That's us jumping on the tramp :-D.
And underneath, black n white Xmas Day by my fantastically clever sister Nina, and baby made by me ;-).*

Heru, Craig Kawana; Embroidery, Hannah Joy Southward; Scary Faces (guess who :-).)*

My ol' buddy 'Keep Calm I Love You' :-). And a stainless steel sculpture co-lab my Papa and I made, titled 'Ma' (Eeek! Where's the macron key...??!!)*

Bliss. A precious memory of some wonderful quiet time with my one and only :-).*

After months of having photo frames in various stages of repainting clogging up living space, now they're decorating wall space- Woohoo!*

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I miss this...*

It's been so long... Woefully long! I have missed this. It has certainly not been through lack of wanting that I have been so absent. Life. Been. Busy.
I'm studying some ( a Cert. in Small Business Management through Te Wananga o Aoteroa) and getting 'officially' into home educating the beautiful boy- because we've always been doing it, just now there's a piece of paper from the Ministry of Education endorsing what we do (which is sometimes helpful... maybe more on that another day). Oh, and no kindy drop offs (or days for this mama to get her study on, or make appointments...). But it's AWESOME! I feel SO blessed to be on this journey with the most important person in my life. And to have EVEN MORE time to spend with him?! What more could this Mama want :-).

Tea party!!!*

Rock on my little love :-).*

I wish you could really see that grin! These girls are magic, I tell ya!*

Chicken palace, built with love, artistically styled with crazy-naughty alpaca photo bomb...*

It's true. But if war was generally more responsible for creating positive change, then this might feel like an accurately represented comparison. It still resonates with me though. Greatly*

More fridge space*

Corr! Man do I love him! :-).*

Actually, the small guy has been going to a one-day school kinda program called Hinengaro, which has been choice for him, and meant I can keep reasonably up to date with the study. He's there with a bunch of other home-ed kids, and some fantastic facilitators. Aaand he takes a packed lunch- this is so new to me, as his kindy was Rudolph Steiner they provided organic meals and snacks for the kids, and we took lunch together to Playcentre, so 'pre-packing' (ie chopping/spreading and wrapping stuff) was way less necessary. So far his lunch consists of mostly the same deal- he is such of creature of habit (I hear that is developmental... Crossing some fingers...!)- Salami, apple n cheese, pear, banana, mandarin (ahoy winter fruit!), popcorn or crackers, and his new favorite- nori sheets (praise the universe!!) I'd really love some more suggestions.... What do y'all feed your small, wonderful ones?
Hey, thanks for stopping by- I hope to see more of you soon :-).
Arohanui, Tink*