Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A few of my favorite things...*

Go on- sing it, I dare ya! ;-).
Whew! I needed to make a wee post about stuff I love. Life has been flipping out onto the rough side a bit lately. Not super hard- just a bit rough. My beautiful boy has been sick for several days, so we've been housebound, and that, plus the weather (pluuus the fact I'm a super-solo-Mama..!) has made getting out for a walk, or any fresh air/cobweb blowing impossible! I am desperate for some walking- even in the wind! I've been grouchy. Shitty-sweary-grumpy-bitchy-grouchy. Not the Mama I want to be, or the Mama I know I actually am (Oh, see what I did there! :-).) It's been dvds, youtube on my phone (erk!), endless uno (actually awesome!), and other sanity-scrabbling/saving attempts. And plenty of opportunities to practise patience. And plenty of opportunities to try again.
SO, here are some thing I love- things that make me smile, glimpses into my home. Sunny spots, art I love (made by people I love), and some exciting news... Read on loved ones :-).

Sunny spot plus yumness = bliss! Really enjoying these books by Eleanor Ozich at the mo, and managing to sneak in the odd page of that awesome Yin Yoga book too.... (sigh!)*

I absolutely ADORE this print, 'Meow', by my super talented friend Bec White.*

Just. One. Day. At. A. Time. Made that one for me :-). And the cloud castle (as I refer to it...), beautiful mahi by my lovely friend Kirsty Porter*

One of my super precious pieces by my dear boy. That's us jumping on the tramp :-D.
And underneath, black n white Xmas Day by my fantastically clever sister Nina, and baby made by me ;-).*

Heru, Craig Kawana; Embroidery, Hannah Joy Southward; Scary Faces (guess who :-).)*

My ol' buddy 'Keep Calm I Love You' :-). And a stainless steel sculpture co-lab my Papa and I made, titled 'Ma' (Eeek! Where's the macron key...??!!)*

Bliss. A precious memory of some wonderful quiet time with my one and only :-).*

After months of having photo frames in various stages of repainting clogging up living space, now they're decorating wall space- Woohoo!*

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