Monday, 28 November 2016

My new friend*

I'm making slow but steady friends with a certain something I have only small amounts of experience with... Growing into Mamahood has filled my life with opportunities to practise it, and I feel (often- but not always..) massively blessed for those opportunities. But to finally be learning -even at a snails pace- how to bring this new friend into other facets of my life- Wow! It is both terrifying and empowering.

Patience my love.*
(check out my super awesome low-tech wordyness!)

 I have this mantra scrawled across my kitchen-sink window sill in chalk. And it soothes me every time I read it. I spend so much time in that spot too, it's well placed...! So instead of holding my breath in wait for... the summer, or a wonderful new home to be ready for us, or the intrigueing details of how a certain new friendship shall develop (whew- hard work!) I am slowing down, and letting myself experience, and marvel at, all that is happening right before my very eyes! I don't want to miss a moment of it through wishing it away -except maybe that fiercely wild spring wind, that can get the hell outa here!
Arohanui Xx*

The wind stilled enough for us to go on a long awaited 3 wheelin' adventure*

Patience- pfft! These guys are growing faster than a bunch of beautiful weeds! ;-).*

The Daddyo, helping out my small, beautiful, creeper-y (Minecraft, ok?!) boy set up his stall selling doughnuts and 'Little Beasties' :-).*

The making of the Little Beasties*

Best op-shop score in ages!! This gorgeous, tactiley-satisfying (those wee dots are smooth, raised blobs of glaze!), deep (ocean of tea!) terracotta mug, made in Scandinavia. Sigh! :-).*


  1. love, love love.....! all of it, especially the mug and the patience practicing....go you!xxx ps, you are doing FAB!!!

  2. That mug. Bags a cup o tea in it next time I'm at the whare

  3. That mug. Bags a cup o tea in it next time I'm at the whare