Thursday, 13 October 2016


Kia ora beautiful people :-).
Lately I have been feeding my soul- and at times, keeping my head above water- with heaps of THIS beautiful wahine!!! Oh Mama, Lucy, thank you! Your vids are small checks in of gloriousness in some waaayyyy too busy weeks at the mo! Actual goodness :-). And y'all know about her blog too eh? That article about spirited kids- oh my! Tears of happiness and totes gratitude for the recognition, and the awesome way Lucy puts stuff into words. Legend!
Okaaaay- enough hero worship! ;-). Let me fill this page with photos as I'm not yet at the place where I can express- succinctly, or in written form, what I one day hope to be able to!! (One day, right!) :-).

So, after two years of awesomeness, tomorrow is our presentation/graduation/celebration day for our Permaculture Design Certificate class! Yay!
And, I'm on the last module of my Cert. Small Business Management class too- which means it's nearly, so very nearly time to sew again!! Oh, sewing, I've missed you!
I'm up to my eyeballs in paper, and scribbles notes, and deadlines, and not up to my eyeballs in sleep... not at all.... But soon eh, soon I'll sleep and sew, and sit in the sun with my boy more :-).

Wild things!! A brand new friend gave me these wicked boots, as she's moving into a housebus. Aaand those two lurvely carpet stools! Mmmm.... I love free stuff, bright colours and vintage treasures!! :-D.*

Taproot; So. Damn. Good.*

I was recently listening to a recorded talk- Dr Christiane Northrup (more hero worship!) talk on the subject of her book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and she mentioned THIS book. My ears perked up, I scribbled it down, and promptly lost the paper... But as I walked past a display at the library, on a particularly 'head down' kind of day, I looked up, briefly, and there it was! And it is gooood!*

My boy's art- taped to our door and drawn on the back of old bank statements :-).*

This is how he tends to 'rest' when watching the odd youtube clip in my phone...*

Haircut. I like it- shows off my glitter strands :-).*

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